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Nothing Special, just a normal human being. Like sports, especially soccer. My favourite club is Manchester United, known as THE RED DEVIL. Pls do add me up in Friendster and Facebook. Now, studying in Segi College, taking Business Administration.. I would try my best to score good marks in all my subjects. I like sports, Listening to music and playing games as well.. For games, I do not like online games, simply because it is time consuming. I like 'one off' games.. such as Warcraft, FiFa and Counter Strike. Please do not think that I am a 'nerd gamer', I only play games when I am free, stress and unhappy. My favourite colour is RED Colour. Because it is charming and bright. And it represents fire, passion and desperation. When there is passion and you are desperate enough to do something, the road to success would be much more easier. I am kinda moderate person.. and I like to strike big in doing everything.. I like the quote from Bill Gates 'If u can't do it well, at least makes it look well'. Some people may think I'm a very cool person. Actually, in the situation when I do not talk much, that's indicating I'm thinking something or I'm very unhappy. THAT's Me

My Family

My Family

My family

Let start off with my father. Once my father was a engineer. He has retired back in few years back. Now, he can do whatever he wants to 'kill time'...

Well, my mother is a nurse, working in private clinic. I do not know whether is good to have a nurse mother, because she always say 'this food no good, this food no good for health'. Sometime kinda annoying hearing this.

My brother has settled himself in Brunei, sometime during festive seasons or business purpose, he will come back to Malaysia to visit us. He is a very sucessfull businessman, has his own company, and manage it very well. He often tell me that 'nothing comes easily, u need to work hard for it'.

And my Sister is a banker. She establishes well in CIMB. She is a first class honour degree and a master degree holder. She often challenge me to get the first class honour degree.

Sometime, I feel pressured, because my brother and my sister are too good. I afraid I am unable to match them.!! HAIZ

National Service 2007

National Service 2007

National Service Experience

This is one of the photos taken from my National Service training time. It was back in January 2007, I was sent to Sepang for training.

I still remember the first day I reach there, it was like 'oh my god, I have to stay here for 3 months'. There were no air-con, no water heater, the bed makes me so uncomfordtable.. I cant even sleep well in the first week at there.

Everyday need to wake up at 5am... if you late, you'll get punished... but day after day, I begin to adapt the daily routine at there. And I feel very happy at there despite need to wake so early. This is because I met many friends at there.

Besides that, I learnt quite a lot of thing at there, such as marching, some military knowledge and more.. something I never learn from outside. Until the last day, I feel sad, because all my friends will go back to their respective home and I do not know when we will able to meet again. I saw many of them was crying, and hugging on each other. My tear was nearly drop off from my eye, I hugged my friends and say good bye to them....

It was a great experience... I glad to be chosen to train in the National Service...

My Coursemates

My Coursemates

My College Friends

There are my College Friends. They helped me a lot in my studies. All of them are very nice, especially when the exam is around the corner, they will always find some useful notes from the library, and share with me. I really appreciate for that. I would happy enough to help them when they are in trouble.

Ironically, those girls always thought I cheat them when I talk about good things. Perhaps I'm not that kind of person who used to talk good things about them.

Among them there are 2 or 3 person that I like to tease. Such as, 'Panda eye', 'Battery Low' and more.. haha.. Sounds bad... We always go hang out together after class, such as go for a movie, Sing K or go for a drink. I feel very happy go out with them, feel less pressure when hang out with them.

So, nothing much to say, just want to thank them for being such a lovely friend of mine. Note: This statement is really, completely and seriously came out from my heart, no cheating or what so ever.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sob.... sob

A few days back, she asks me why I'm not happy... she say "you had most of things you want, why you still look like not happy"...

I was thinking.... maybe in the eye of the people, I had what I want, but, this is not true... I'm not happy.. because...... Been suffering from this for years..... Why like that..... feel wanna cry....

Sometime, I feel very suffer... and sad.... ! Haiz.... sob sob...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Study Break...

It's been one week plus since the last class..

About 1 week later, I'll be going for exam...

Until now, I still havent started to do any revisions... everyday, I spend the most time playing games, watching movies.... and of course 'Thinking of Someone'....

And I'm going to do it start from 2morrow... Study one topic each day, about 5 or 6 days will be finished... Luckily this time I only havet osit for 2 subjects, so quite relax....

Ironically, sometime, relax is not a good thing, you may let the laziness to take over you if you are too relax.. HAIZ..

Anyway, I'll go according to my study plan... I hope I can do well in my coming exam...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beginning of Sem 6..

After 3 weeks of holiday, is time to return to the college. This week is the 1st of the 7 weeks. I took only 2 subjects, which are Promotional Management and Study Skill in English. The PM is quite okay for me as the lecture is quite clear and the most important thing is the lesson can be easily understood.

In the other hand, the SSE is not as interested as I thought. Maybe because the class has too many students and it is quite noisy in the class, so I cant even listen what the lecturer says clearly. Moreover, the lecturer voice is quite small. HAIZ.... Today, she taught us about the basic grammer. I hardly pay attention in the class.

Generally, I feel very happy this week, because I have already made it. I'm really happy that I finally achieved what I have to do on the first day of the week. Perhaps you might not know what I'm talking about, but there is only 1 person who knows that. Anyway, thanks for everything.^^

12.57 am

Saturday, May 30, 2009

God Bless you???

Recently, my friend ask me a question. "Why wouldnt I go to church since I'm a Christian?"

Then I think, is been a very long time since I step into church, by my calculation, take away my time in National Service where I'm 'forced' to go, is about 8 years.

"Do I really need God?" I asked myself. To be honest, is not about boredom, is because God doesnt inspire me much in my life, I believe more on myself. I do everything on my own effort, I never pray before exam, I never pray before dinner... yet, life still goes on...

In my point of view, God did exits in a unexplainable way. But, I think God is rational and fair, God will only bless those good person. God bless people not because they come to church week in week out, often do prayer... If you are a bad person who often does bad thing, no matter how often you go to church, do prayer or even 'donate' millions to the church.. Personally I do not think that God will bless you. If God does that, I do not think is fair.

For me, I never go to church, never pray, but I'm confident that if I'm a good guy, never harm people. God will still bless me even I didnt go to church. God is fair.

Therefore, no matter how hard my friend trying to tempt me to church, I would not go. I'm sorry to make you dissapointed you my friend.

I did believe in miracles, but this word is so powerful. Because of this word 'Miracles', some people decided to wait for miracles to happen instead of work harder to create their very own miracles. That's why people go to buy Toto, Magnum. Is not wrong to buy, they are buying a chance. But, for those people who wait for MIRACLES, they buy TOTO frequently (everyday) and wait miracle to happen. That's why those TOTOs company are so lucrative nowadays. They are absolutely out of their mind, they do not know how much money they have 'donated' to the TOTOs company. They could have used those money to do other useful thing.

I know that gambling is absolutely prohibited in all religious. Realiticaly, how many people have actually followed that...

Some people actually pray very hard for promotion, better pay, but do you really think that God will grant your wish without doing any effort to earn for the promotion. I do not think so. Believe me, some people actually think like that, sitting at there and wait God to Bless him.

I believe only people who actualy put an effort on it will only get blessed(Promotion), even you never pray for it. God is fair.

All the content above is only my point of view.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What is Failure..?

What is the word 'failure' really means? You won't fail overnight, you won't get up the next day an realize you gain weight. It is an accumulated of mistakes which you have done or made day by day. These mistakes will eventually lead you to failure.

A person does not fail their exam because he did not study the day before exam. .

An individual who fail the exam is caused by his attitude such as he never pay attention on class, not even once do the revision. These are mistakes he did day by day which leads him to failure. Some people actually knew what is their problem, but yet there are no corrective actions being made. They still repeatedly doing their mistakes. Continue to live their life with failure. That's what I call HOPELESS people, wasting their precious time doing mistakes.

Sooner or later, they will know their mistakes could prove costly. They could end up looking back to their mistakes and say 'I should have, I shouldnt have'... Damage is already done, you did not did your part to mitigate the damage. You only have yourself do blame. Absolutely PATHETIC...

Failure often seek excuses just to make them feel better or feel not guilty. But to people who actually know the true meaning of failure, they will see that as an opportunity to learn. Learn from the mistakes and make it better. You won't become successful without failure.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Holiday starts now.....

today is the last day of the exam week.... 2day, the paper is very easy... I only use 45 mins to complete a 3 hours paper.... it reflects how easy is it...

Now, I can take a couple weeks break.... yeah... at the same time, I'm anticipating to the next month, because I'm waiting for the answer from someone......

In this short break, I'll be doing an on-going business project with my friend.... hope can get it done as soon as possible.... come on... you can do it....!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks yaa....

We went out that day... we had a long talk.... we had fun at there....

I fetch you back and you purposely left something in my car.... haha...

Then I go back and look, it is a gift... is a Eiffel tower... and you left a short note to me too... about the notes, that's is private and confidential... haha... I was so happy, because this is the first time I receive a gift from you.... I like it very much. I'm sorry to make you worry oso... haha...

Thank you..... ^^